Who are NM Vault

NM Vault is a new service provided by the NM Money Group.

With over 40 years’ experience in the financial services sector the group has decided to launch a new end to end, track and trace cash deposit solution ensuring your cash is always in safe hands. NM Vault provides convenient local access for swift and easy deposits in less than 40 seconds, more time to focus on running your business.


Founded in 1978, the NM Money Group previously known as NoteMachine is a portfolio of financial technology specialists that includes NM1, NM Money, NM ATM, Eurochange and TestLink.

We run more than 190 branches, operate over 11,000 ATMs and dispense over £1.5 billion in cash each month.

£275 Million

our turnover in 2019

In-House Ethos

no 3rd party contractors

225 Engineers

who fix more than 90% of issues on their first visit

97% Availability

percentage of service centre calls answered first time


ATM staff serving financial institutions

6 Cash Centres

London, Manchester, Glasgow, South Wales and the Home Countries

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